VizInspire FAQ’s

VizInspire FAQ's

We have tried to answer all your questions about our Services and Processing of our services for your templates and presentation design work

Instant Templates (Instant PPT)

1. What is VizInspire Instant PPT Template?

Instant Templates from VizInspire are a standard set of PowerPoint slides that can be branded to your company. Our thought process behind creating Instant Templates is to provide you quick access to a set of PowerPoint slides that you can able to use for your industry (e.g. Fintech, Startups, Medical, and Sales & Marketing).

Instant Template Pro (Instant PPT PRO)

1. What is VizInspire Instant PPT PRO?

It’s much more than a PowerPoint template for your convenience, giving you a quick start to both content and slide designs.

Instant Template Pro offers everything from Instant Templates and additionally offers you the best complete outline for sequencing your slides for making maximum impact for delivering presentations in your industry. The outline comes with slide designs that specifically match your presentation goals, like sending a proposal, delivering a case-study presentation, giving a sales pitch, showcasing your content portfolio or doing a workshop presentation, and much more. 

VizInspire is super-focused on giving you a starter set of presentation templates that will not just help you with instant slide designs, but also help your slide content process without having to spend a lot on custom services, if Instant Template Pro satisfies your design and content needs.