What is VizInspire Instant Template Plus? And Why You Need it For Your Presentations

Having a presentation template that not just give you slide designs but also content filling ideas will be a great time-saver when you have an upcoming presentation or have a keynote speaker invitation. It’s no secret that, presentation contents are usually the toughest task, when you don’t have a big picture for your presentation.

Being someone new to an industry and then formulating a complete content structure for a presentation would be a nightmare if you don’t have the right information. A generic PowerPoint template doesn’t fulfill your slide content objectives and gives you just a boilerplate slides and left you with a bigger task of having a right content and then a slide sequence to deliver your awesome presentation message. In a greater detail, what if a presentation template that offers you a more optimized slides? Which comes with content-filling suggestions that are:

Help you give a quick start for your presentation contents
More aligned to your industry
More laser-focused to your industry topic rather than to a general audience
Save you from buying custom services of a presentation / copywriter
Give personalized design feel of your brand and your industry

Surprisingly, at VizInspire our presentation writer and presentation designers have joined hands together to creatively come up with a more flexible presentation template solution to offer all of the above features in a PowerPoint template. We call it Instant Template Plus, here how we explain it in short:

An Instant Template Plus is a set of slides, deeply focuses to your business industry needs and its specific area. It gives you a complete workflow on how you can create your complete business presentation. Let's assume you need a presentation to offer services for a marketing consultant, then VizInspire will offer you a set of guides with a template to fill up your contents, to finish your desired presentation.

Why Choose VizInspire Instant Template Plus Rather Than a Generic PowerPoint Template?

Add A Right Slides Flow

from start of your presentation till call-to-action to make the most impact.

Generic PowerPoint templates are just boilerplate slides no way comparable to Instant Template Plus, where it adds value with your industry standard slides and slide sequence to create a better slide-by-slide flow in your presentation.

Thought-process Done

depending on your business 

Just going off with a generic PowerPoint template without much thought-process will end you up with a confusing presentation.

Focused To Your Needs

Slides are narrow down towards your business

Without a magnified purpose and just having random slide designs won’t let you think big. Better go for purposeful presentation templates that opens ground for big thinking...

Let You Stand Out

from the competitors and help you make a point

You do presentation to make a point, to make yourself known for what you do and what unique you offer, NOT just copy/pasting someone else’s stuff. You mostly struggle to make a point, when you have less time for both slide design and content


  • Our approach with Instant Template Plus, is to take you out from buying bulk slides that are not related to your business or what you do to only the slide designs that have a clear purpose in your business. A common example is you buy a big template and end up just using its cover page and content slide. 
  • With Instant Template Plus, we help you open your mind, about possibility of opening your presentation, setting the intermission just like a movie to final conclusion. It’s just like your short and quick resource yet also your reusable marketing asset for both presentation copy writing to slide designs for your industry with a fresh look and feel.