You Can’t Ignore Your Must-Do Business Presentations For a Number of Occasions…

Businesses have been using PowerPoint presentations since decades now, surprisingly they don’t know in how many situations they would face to they need of a presentation. It’s a myth to assume that presentations are just limited to college assignements only. Yet, presentations are everywhere just look around. Mainly, in this article I am focusing on business PowerPoint presentations, and being a new startup you must know while going to pursue your business idea into reality you’re likely going to deal a number of different presentations. It is a cornerstone of engagement for a successful business.

Let’s see, how businesses are doing and meeting their different presentations needs:

Financial or Marketing Plan

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Let’s assume for a next meeting or workshop, you need to create a financial or marketing plan in Excel sheet, and then you have to present that data efficiently with more meaningful way. As the number are only grabbed to brain quickly when presented in a simplified way. The audience would not understand all the calculations and other text in the worksheet; hence you will need to make it easier for them to understand by using business presentation PPT. The most simple rule for the financial presentation is highlight what’s the most important to avoid filling up space with mathematical jargons, but only the information that is most important. For example, one concise figure from the last two years will help you present your profit and loss of the company.

Execution Process

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Another important use for business presentation is creating an execution processes. It is the best tool to help training remote workers by use of images, diagrams and other features to explain company’s variety execution process to help everyone on board. Here, we can explain pie pieces of complete execution process to help team member know their responsilibities in the process as whole.

Organizational Structure in Company Profile

Another use of PowerPoint presentations in organizations is that it can be used to create organizational structures. These presentations are immensely useful in demonstrating the process of the workflow to others and customers. This is done by Smart Art option in Insert Menu that is available on PowerPoint. It is widely used for creating organizational charts. However, custom organizational charts gives unique design look to their business organizational structure presentation. Mostly, It can be part of a company profile presentation.

Animated Marketing Videos

Another great use of making presentation is elaborating your message in an way animated to give interactive feeling to your marketing presentations? It sure is anticipating! These videos can then be uploaded to YouTube or inserted in your website or blog. With PowerPoint, you have lots of excellent animation choices available and also a great presentation designer with his great design thinking and creative mind can generate new animation possibilities. These days you’ve to do a lot of video presentations, because it’s has become a choice of 60% business as a merketing tool

Another great use of animated presentations is to showcase business ideas, about your product or services. Many business are doing short pitches of their product/service on social media. PowerPoint offers enough features to make such a video presentation, with animation pane and transitions, using its effect option, timing and etc.

Business Proposals

There are so many business presentation ideas available online for a business plan presentation PPT. But nothing will be tailormade for you, you need show some due-dilligence to get everythin right for your business plan presentation.

Do you know that all the prospering big companies you see below, became so successful because of their pitch deck? Indeed, they did. Basically, pitch deck typically consists of a 10-20 slide of presentation which is designed to give a small summary of your company, your startup vision and your business plan. It’s main purpose is to pitch new investors for funding your new business idea. Let’s discuss some of the most successful companies and their best pitch decks:

1. Airbnb Pitch Deck

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You all must be familiar with this company, since it is too famous. The best thing about their presentation was their business model slide. This is because it laid out their revenue model in the simplest way and clearly explained. Their idea was provide a platform to everyone to rent their property right from just a single room to any big house. They make a 10% commission on each transaction. Their slide layouts was somewhat like this:

  1. Cover
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Market Validation
  5. Market Size
  6. Product
  7. Business Model
  8. Market Adoption
  9. Competition
  10. Competitive Advantages
  11. Team
  12. Press
  13. Users Testimonials
  14. Financial

2. Facebook Pitch Deck

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None of us can live a day without using Facebook, and it is a fact. You must have seen the movie ‘The Social Network’ which was released in 2010, portraying the story about how Facebook was founded and became one of the most successful companies in history. In 2004, the 21 year old Eduardo Saverin was just one of the many entrepreneurs who came up with a brilliant idea. He tried to convince people to invest money into growing a company known as, which was co-founded by him and his friend Mark Zuckerberg.

When the was launched in 2004, Eduardo went to New York to try and sell Facebook’s initial plan of ads to potential clients. Although the original deck of Facebook was a media kit, they also had presentations. Since the company was not making any profit from Facebook, their presentation was not based on revenue traction. This is because they were still trying to figure out their business model overall. Their presentation consisted of the major things which included their user engagement, customer base and growth metrics. Below is the Facebook slide layout and sequence.

  1. Cover
  2. Killer opening quote
  3. Solution
  4. Product Description
  5. Market Validation
  6. Vision
  7. Market size
  8. User Demographics
  9. User Engagement
  10. Growth Metrics
  11. Services
  12. Contact Us
  13. Killer closing quote

You can get inspiration for never lose hope and think for new business ideas and pitch as much as you can until you find your best selling idea with your pitch decks, In your journey failed pitch decks will also be your part of life. You can learn from your mistakes and avoid them for your next pitch deck. It is crucial to take inspiration from these pitch decks to create one for your own startup, but remember- each company has its own strengths and therefore, each pitch deck need to be designed according to their offers and solution for business problems.

At the end, now you have got some crucial situations where must do a professional presentation or have some do presentation design for you. I will discuss more about more important occasions for doing a presentation in upcoming articles, so sign up below to keep yourself updates…