You Can’t Ignore Your Must-Do Business Presentations For a Number of Occasions…

Businesses have been using PowerPoint presentations since decades now, surprisingly they don’t know in how many situations they would face to they need of a presentation. It’s a myth to assume that presentations are just limited to college assignements only. Yet, presentations are everywhere just look around. Mainly, in this article I am focusing on business PowerPoint presentations, and being a new startup you must know while going to pursue your business idea into reality you’re likely going to deal a number of different presentations. It is a cornerstone of engagement for a successful business.

Let’s see, how businesses are doing and meeting their different presentations needs:

Financial or Marketing Plan

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Let’s assume for a next meeting or workshop, you need to create a financial or marketing plan in Excel sheet, and then you have to present that data efficiently with more meaningful way. As the number are only grabbed to brain quickly when presented in a simplified way. The audience would not understand all the calculations and other text in the worksheet; hence you will need to make it easier for them to understand by using business presentation PPT. The most simple rule for the financial presentation is highlight what’s the most important to avoid filling up space with mathematical jargons, but only the information that is most important. For example, one concise figure from the last two years will help you present your profit and loss of the company.

Execution Process

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Another important use for business presentation is creating an execution processes. It is the best tool to help training remote workers by use of images, diagrams and other features to explain company’s variety execution process to help everyone on board. Here, we can explain pie pieces of complete execution process to help team member know their responsilibities in the process as whole.

Organizational Structure in Company Profile

Another use of PowerPoint presentations in organizations is that it can be used to create organizational structures. These presentations are immensely useful in demonstrating the process of the workflow to others and customers. This is done by Smart Art option in Insert Menu that is available on PowerPoint. It is widely used for creating organizational charts. However, custom organizational charts gives unique design look to their business organizational structure presentation. Mostly, It can be part of a company profile presentation.

Animated Marketing Videos

Another great use of making presentation is elaborating your message in an way animated to give interactive feeling to your marketing presentations? It sure is anticipating! These videos can then be uploaded to YouTube or inserted in your website or blog. With PowerPoint, you have lots of excellent animation choices available and also a great presentation designer with his great design thinking and creative mind can generate new animation possibilities. These days you’ve to do a lot of video presentations, because it’s has become a choice of 60% business as a merketing tool

Another great use of animated presentations is to showcase business ideas, about your product or services. Many business are doing short pitches of their product/service on social media. PowerPoint offers enough features to make such a video presentation, with animation pane and transitions, using its effect option, timing and etc.

Business Proposals

There are so many business presentation ideas available online for a business plan presentation PPT. But nothing will be tailormade for you, you need show some due-dilligence to get everythin right for your business plan presentation.

Do you know that all the prospering big companies you see below, became so successful because of their pitch deck? Indeed, they did. Basically, pitch deck typically consists of a 10-20 slide of presentation which is designed to give a small summary of your company, your startup vision and your business plan. It’s main purpose is to pitch new investors for funding your new business idea. Let’s discuss some of the most successful companies and their best pitch decks:

1. Airbnb Pitch Deck

Source: Flickr

You all must be familiar with this company, since it is too famous. The best thing about their presentation was their business model slide. This is because it laid out their revenue model in the simplest way and clearly explained. Their idea was provide a platform to everyone to rent their property right from just a single room to any big house. They make a 10% commission on each transaction. Their slide layouts was somewhat like this:

  1. Cover
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Market Validation
  5. Market Size
  6. Product
  7. Business Model
  8. Market Adoption
  9. Competition
  10. Competitive Advantages
  11. Team
  12. Press
  13. Users Testimonials
  14. Financial

2. Facebook Pitch Deck

Source: Unsplash

None of us can live a day without using Facebook, and it is a fact. You must have seen the movie ‘The Social Network’ which was released in 2010, portraying the story about how Facebook was founded and became one of the most successful companies in history. In 2004, the 21 year old Eduardo Saverin was just one of the many entrepreneurs who came up with a brilliant idea. He tried to convince people to invest money into growing a company known as, which was co-founded by him and his friend Mark Zuckerberg.

When the was launched in 2004, Eduardo went to New York to try and sell Facebook’s initial plan of ads to potential clients. Although the original deck of Facebook was a media kit, they also had presentations. Since the company was not making any profit from Facebook, their presentation was not based on revenue traction. This is because they were still trying to figure out their business model overall. Their presentation consisted of the major things which included their user engagement, customer base and growth metrics. Below is the Facebook slide layout and sequence.

  1. Cover
  2. Killer opening quote
  3. Solution
  4. Product Description
  5. Market Validation
  6. Vision
  7. Market size
  8. User Demographics
  9. User Engagement
  10. Growth Metrics
  11. Services
  12. Contact Us
  13. Killer closing quote

You can get inspiration for never lose hope and think for new business ideas and pitch as much as you can until you find your best selling idea with your pitch decks, In your journey failed pitch decks will also be your part of life. You can learn from your mistakes and avoid them for your next pitch deck. It is crucial to take inspiration from these pitch decks to create one for your own startup, but remember- each company has its own strengths and therefore, each pitch deck need to be designed according to their offers and solution for business problems.

At the end, now you have got some crucial situations where must do a professional presentation or have some do presentation design for you. I will discuss more about more important occasions for doing a presentation in upcoming articles, so sign up below to keep yourself updates…

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Searching For A Presentation Design Consultant? What Things To Look For When Hiring Them…

Picking up your best presentation design consultant is as vital as picking up a right partner for your business. You can’t expect a great value from their work, if you can’t have an effective communication with them. It’s the first green flag you need to notice. As an entrepreneur who makes all decisions on your own, a real challenge is to hire your best presentation design consultant.

A presentation design consultant keeps an eye on your presentation script and creates their designs around it. Their slide visuals offer a more to-the-point knowledge rather than bulky text pages of the script.

So, how can you assure that you are hiring the best one for your pitch decks, and other presentation design needs?

No worries… To make your hiring process simpler and easier for a presentation design consultant, I have identified some red and green flags to pick your best candidate. Let’s get started…

Shortlist Your Presentation Design Services Needs?

Source: Unsplash

Is it true that you are in search of a best presentation design consultant who can research, assemble and design your complete presentations? But, why not short-list your needs for the right candidate… Maybe you’re looking for a seed-stage pitch deck for your startup, or course slide designs, or webinar presentation, or whatever. In any case, you’ll need a PPT slide designer to place your thoughts in a PowerPoint template and customize it for making a greater impact for your whole message or story.

How Does A Slide Designer Make A Great Impact?

Obviously, with their design thinking and creative process for slide visuals, typography and great use of color contrast. Also, the person who can catch trends to your slides to stay in limelight with design

Then, look for their ability to get creative and execute your vision and mind-blowing ideas on the slides.

What Are Your Presentation Designs Objectives?

Source: Unsplash

The first step of effective collaboration is setting up a clear-crystal understanding of your expectations with the presentation design services. A best presentation design consultant will always try to understand your goals, and come up with relevant previous experience work. They will not overwhelm your audience with slide design arrangements, and guide them subtly to the call to action. They will brainstorm different ways of illustrating your ideas and help you achieve what you are trying to deliver in more simpler but powerful designs.

Never go to a designer who is good at design but unable to convey the message with their designs. More specifically, they don’t use artifacts that align to your message. This makes your audience leave faster without taking any action

When I have a discussion with my expected clients, understanding their requirements help me gain some positive progress from zero. Next, to go from zero to one, I adjust and align from their feedback in the slide design process and clear up the clouds of concerns. As a green flag-check, find whether your slide designer understood your requirements or not. Sometimes, this can be an iterative process for your every new presentation design need.

Things To Look For When Hiring A Presentation Design Consultant

It’s time to go deeper and get even better results from your PPT design consultant by keeping your complete list of green and red flags. Next, this is what to look further:

1. Their Portfolio

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A presentation design consultant’s portfolio tells everything about their skills and experience. Their portfolio can answer what you’ll get in the end as your final presentation. If you want to reduce the risk of lost expectations, have a look at their presentations portfolio. This tells you about:

  • If they are specialized in your described design services or type of presentation design you need?
  • Which types of designs have they used in their previous work?
  • What sort of services do they offer?
  • How do they proceed with specific presentation needs?
  • How they executed slide designs well for complicated topics (e.g. blockchain, NFT, Fintech, Medical, or Industrial)

Well, the list could go on and on. A portfolio is one of the best options to get well know-how about services before buying it.

2. Their Clients

Source: Unsplash

It’s firmly associated with the previous elements, their client list helps you understand, in what industries they worked the most. it will also answer the size of the organizations they have worked with, and increase your faith in their services.

3. Their Testimonials

Source: Unsplash

Take a quick look at their client’s testimonial, they are the best green flag of their trust and reputation. It’s a no-brainer choice to hire a presentation designer, due to their great client reviews. If you get a chance, you can even talk to their clients about their experience, if they would like to share for long term contracts.

4. See Their Own Advertising Tactics

This could be a bit difficult to understand, but a consultant’s own marketing can answer questions about how good they present themself in business or public eye. This will give a lot of green/red flags, so be sure to have a brief look, if you have time and are looking for a long-term working relationship. Their own marketing shows you about:

  • How are they good at commercial skills?
  • How active are they?
  • How creative are they?
  • Are they easy to find?
  • Are they genuine consultants?
  • Do they have a huge following?

This might seem like a cakewalk, however a solid online presence is a great indication of “how they work” and they can provide you that value for which you are in search of. An active website, regular blogging, and a social media engagement can be a sign of pro presentation designer.


Now you know all the green and red flags before hiring your best presentation design consultant. Let’s review these important factors and analyze to short-list your desired one.

There is still a puzzling factor that you may end up with a bad designer. Due to some people faking, they are the best and beware of scam artists, and do your accurate analysis for a genuine slide designer.

If you have any presentation design needs, connect with your best presentation design consultant and discuss your upcoming presentation. We’ll reach you soon… Have a chat with us.

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10 Steps to Make An Impactful and Effective Content Portfolio Presentation for Your Employers and Job Interviews

We are living in the age of innovation, and innovation is brought by design that leaves prospects awestruck with exceptional designs. It’s easy to multiply your chances to impress and persuade potential employers or publishers with a mind-blowing content portfolio that comes with a visual appeal.

First, be clear about your strengths and your objectives that you bring to a potential employer. List down your achievements, and highlight unique aspects of your content. Discover ways to showcase and highlight your highly effective and motivating content pieces that leads to call-to-action. It’s good to use multimedia tools in highlighting your difference-maker projects or skills. (Web-content vs. Web-copy)

“Making a Content Portfolio, is all about standing out to affirm, how different you are, how good you are and how passionate you are in attracting or guiding readers with your contents”

Don’t forget to make a visual statement that you have hands-on knowledge and skills relevant to the job you’re applying for. Let’s say, you go for a marketing position, then highlighting your experience creating ads copy, landing pages and Email copy for marketing campaigns would be a great idea. It will create your chances of getting shortlisted. In this blog, I will walk you through 10 Ways you can visualize your striking, eye-grabbing contents using PowerPoint slides:

1. Attractive Cover Page

Cover-page is your first impression, which needs to be simple and elegant. Add no more than your name, contact information, and designation as a Content Writer. It’s great to include your professional pose, if you work solo, or a logo, if you work as an agency, to make the title page attractive (What should be a good pose). Try to keep the design having breathing space with a clean and uncluttered look. Use a simple font and you have lots of cover page layout options. Avoid using too much color as it can make the viewers lose focus.

2. Your Ambitious Introduction

Your second slide should be dedicated to a thoughtful introduction of who you are. As a content writer, you can write how you started, your content achievements, and to the lives you made the difference. Your powerful and authentic words about your content strengths and scale of reach will differentiate you from other content writers. It’s just a start…

Use strong adjectives and verbs to express your interest in your work. Talk about your ambitions and motivations. You can express where you want to be in future, a Senior Content Writer, or an Editor at a popular magazine, or Copywriter. After all, the sky’s the limit!

3. Present Your Writing Styles With Most Popular Lines In A Highlighting Way With Pictures

You must’ve seen magazines full of stunning pictures. Do the same for your slides. Expressing your words with high-quality but relevant pictures can sugar-coat your content. With pictures, you can tell how great you are with analogies and metaphors, and how your content resembles reality but also give a path to success.

Present the evidence of your published work in the form of screenshots with beautiful typographical elements or even with a kinetic typography. It will reinforce your claims that you are both authentic as well as the most capable. For example, your famous lines.

Also showing excerpts from best blog posts and book paragraphs would be better than showing everything to overwhelm and lose on the point you wanted to make.

4. Showcase Published Work of Blogs or Print Magazine

For whichever industry you write for, style your content portfolio presentation that resembles the target industry’s theme. Adopt fonts, colors, and typography similar to the ones used for blogs and magazines. Italicized or bold your key messages can help you catch many eyes instantly.

Pitch Within Pitch
If you are writing for web, add catchy titles to a few slides like “5 reasons to hire me as your next content writer”, or “7 benefits of having an experienced content writer like me”, and so on. It’s a great way to showcase and sell your skills in them in bullet points to support your reasoning for being a best writer.

Here you can showcase your writing style in short and concise…
Chapter 1: An innocent tale of a content writer
Chapter 2: For the Love of the Words
Chapter 3: The Secret Acquisition of the Power of Words

5. Use Numbers

Facts and statistics is an authentic and reliable way to back up your claims. Use statistics in slides to convince prospects about your successful achievements. Show stats to tell how much of your work is in demand. For example,

  • Present the scale of reach and sales your contents were able to make in advertising campaigns
  • How many times you are endorsed by famous content writers
  • Your most shared contents, and the viral contents if any
  • Number of published contents.
  • Number of selling books, you’ve written

Tell promising numbers about your contents, to create an appeal and demand of your experience in front of your upcoming potential job interview.

6. Infuse Storytelling

Human love stories, and in business presentations, positive impressions can help you win your audience. Talk about the difficulties you faced while pursuing your favorite projects. Blend positive feelings in your storytelling and explain how you simply conveyed complex problems and their solutions to help previous clients reach their masses. This will persuade your employer to hire you over other candidates.

7. Client Success Stories And Testimonials

Client success stories are social proof of your work success. Share those stories with emotional appeal and pride. The more such stories you have the more chances are that clients will go for you, because they found out you already succeeded similar clients.

It’s like presenting your passion for word-ammunition and remaining ahead, as living in a multiverse of writing to always help clients with unique and newer content pieces

8. Shoot A Process Video

Film the whole process of your writing. Add it to your content portfolio presentation. This will reflect your working style and create an appreciation for your work. It increases your chances of winning a new content project or job. Why not see how great writers present their process? Let’s find your inspiration on YouTube.

9. Tell How Dedicated You Are

By presenting smaller to long-term projects, you show your dedication for both smaller and long-term projects. Because, one of the differentiating factors of a valuable writer is their long-term passion for your project. Many writers are usually good at starting then lose motivation over time. By showing off your long term projects, you can present your consistency and motivation in the long-run.

10. Social Media Presence

Add your content writing social media presence in slides. It is a great way to spread your social media presence without spending a dime on it. Not only will this provide valuable information for those who are interested in connecting with you, but it will also help you showcase your work better. It can either be your WordPress blog, or Facebook writing page, etc.

Get ready to be judged by your writing style throughout, But making a maximum impact with your Bespoke Content Portfolio will be a deciding factor for getting picked for your next job. So, why not try Our CopyCosult Instant Template Pro for our next content portfolio presentation

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Top 3 Pitch Deck Examples To Inspire Yourself For A New Business Idea

Have you just started becoming an entrepreneur for a new startup? And looking for a much-needed boost to your business idea by catching your investors’ attention. Have a look at how most successful startups caught investors’ eyeballs with their Pitch decks. Here I have discussed the secret recipes of those brilliant minds, who used them to kick start their start-ups.

A Pitch deck is known as an “Investors Proposal”, an approach to pitch your business idea on presentation slides to grab the investor attention to get funded.

If we look at the history of most successful businesses, we can see that they were great problem-solvers. Every startup focused on delivering unique, and more simple solutions as compared to their competitors. Later, they capitalized well on their solutions to become full-fledged corporations. It all comes down to knowing the right application of their pitch deck idea.

Let’s look at the top 3 pitch decks as an inspiration, to convey your own Pitch Deck presentation in an impactful and powerful way:

1. Tesla Pitch deck

Everyone is familiar with the richest billionaire Elon Musk, who is acquiring Twitter for a huge $43B price tag and is the founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. It made its mark for its electric cars and their affordable prices. But what compelled financiers to jump on board with Tesla and provide sufficient funding to get it off the ground? – It’s their unique business idea compared to traditional vehicles.

Tesla had raised more than $20B by May 2020 from 36 rounds with its enticing pitch decks according to a report by Crunchbase. Also, going to raise another $1.5B recently. Let’s have some insight into the Pitch Deck of Tesla Motors.

Tesla Vs Toyota

Toyota has been considered a gold standard in the world of vehicles. But in 2021, Tesla’s popularity almost reached Toyota because of its self-driven features. Although many still regard Toyota as the safest bet, Tesla will be the largest giant in the next few years due to its electric automobiles and user-friendly options.

Let’s look at the highlights and key slides structure of the Tesla’s pitch deck, short and quick:

1. Cover-page

What does the Tesla logo indicate? The red logo symbolizes less electrical consumption. The tagline and letter format all reflected the stability and clear vision of Tesla.

2. Problem: Conventional Vehicles With Fuel Consumption

The users’ main issue is fuel cost inflation. People used to hunt for cheaper fuel options, only to be disappointed.

3. Solution: Electric Cars

To counter this worry, Tesla gave a solution in the form of “Electrical Cars” It served as a breath of fresh air for the users. The main goal of Tesla is cost-effectiveness and green energy for vehicles.

The vision of Tesla is to provide its users an alternative to conventional vehicles that offers integration of electricity as fuel consumption.

The company’s slogan is to “accelerate the world’s transition to electric vehicles.” Tesla is also working on a project on driverless vehicles.

4. About the Company

The subsequent slides exhibit their glory at max. It displayed the strength of the company by displaying its affiliation with the prominent names with it. Chief Designer by Franz Von Holhauszen, Vice President of Communications by Youtube, and Senior Vice President by Apple all indicated a strong team and helped in showcasing the strong image of the company.

A brief introduction about your idea and strong association
from the start is a proven way of a successful Pitch Deck.

5. Collaborations and Unique Achievements

The subsequent slides comprise its associations with Toyota, Panasonic, and Daimler and their views about working with them. Then they presented their target audience with strategies and at last financial requirements to make this happen. Tesla pitched the “Model S” with the Fremont Facility as a bonus.

You have to be very vigilant in articulating your vision and all the relevant aspects in these slides because they’re key factors to make or break your presentation.

6. Funding Request

Let’s come to the call-to-action slide, your ending slides should have to be strong enough to persuade the investors and convince them your idea is real and unique and your funding request is reasonable.

The final slide contains an interior picture of a car. The goal is to urge the audience to envision the end product and take measures to make this tangible.

When you brainstorm ideas for structuring your pitch deck contents, take each slide having its own context. For example a problem shouldn’t be in the solution slide and without making a solid foundation of your USP (Unique selling proposition) and validating it you can’t expect a better response to your funding request. The overall theme should blend with your vision and target.

2. Zapier Pitch Deck

Zapier is known for offering automation for doing tasks and integration among a number of web apps without writing any script. They make data exchange possible within them without much hassle. The company has made its presence in a short period of time.

1. Problem: Too Many Web Apps No Integration or Flow

People working in organizations used to encounter the problem of sending data and files from multiple apps. It is a hectic and uphill task to remember every app associated with each file and pass on data manually from one app to another. Also, you might miss the schedule when not available.

2. Solution: Automate Apps Integration & Tasks in One Place

Zapier came with a unique solution by removing the trouble of using multiple apps and that lets you have them in a single place. Now, users can set up automation and link apps and their corresponding tasks in a sequence that will execute itself at a scheduled time using a single app. It saves the time and energy of the people working on multiple apps and doing various repetitive things.

What is the unique solution that Zapier proposed?

Zapier’s success is due to the software’s ability to solve a problem that many people confront. The Pitch Deck of Zapier started by stating a problem of difficulty in managing the tasks across the Web. The founder then proposed a solution with the facility of no code. This approach ultimately piqued the interest as it is the solution to simplify the problem of masses using many apps.

3. Key Benefits: Many Task Automation & Integration for Apps Integration.

The stunning benefit of Zapier is offering multiple triggers on when automation occurs among apps at micro-levels. Also, they offered a less-code solution for automation with the ease of use. Now they have to deal with just one UI rather than UI’s of apps. Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier, promotes his vision of automating chores by coordinating many apps in one place to save time and energy.

4. Zapier Competitors

So far, Zapier stands alone in its field. Although Integromat, Automate, and Microsoft Flow are of the same type, none of them are considered a competitor of Zapier.

4. Funding: How much funds did Zapier raise by using their seed funding round?

With this idea, Zapier raised around $1.4M IN 2011 with the help of 6 investors jumping on board- stats published by Crunchbase.

What can we learn from the Zapier Pitch deck?

The Zapier Pitch Deck motivates us to propose novel ideas and execute them strategically to pick up attention. If you are worried about the execution of your idea in a pitch deck, then it is the best time to showcase your concept in a way that highlights that it solves a problem.

3. Telegram Pitch Deck

Nikolai and Pavol Derov are brothers and faces behind the famous Telegram app. It gained popularity during the massive popularity of Whatsapp, FB Messenger and other competitive communication apps is itself a great achievement.

1. Problem & Solution: Need for More Privacy While Messaging

The need for Telegram in the messaging world happened so quickly because of the privacy they offer. With seamless communication experience and features like bots, the feasibility of sending any file, and secret chats. Privacy seemed to be the primary key for Telegram, where people wanted to leave Whatsapp since it was a part of Meta (formerly Facebook).

2. Competition: Why Telegram and Not Whatsapp?

People opt for telegram because of its feature of storing data in the cloud where the user can access the data using telegram using any device. Although it’s not as safe as WhatsApp. Mainly, It gained its popularity when a privacy breach happened with WhatsApp and people started to leave it very quickly.

Telegram got their success because of some failed actions from WhatsApp. It tells don’t worry how big the competition is you can wait for their mistake and jump in with your solutions.

3. Funding: Funds raised by Telegram

In 2021, Telegram managed to raise 1B$+ funds from investors reported by Techcrunch. According to Wikipedia, it crossed a milestone of over 500 million users.

For creating best pitch decks, attack a problem that messed up the masses for long,
and offer a solution that unites them toward your concepts.

So, What New Business Idea To Look For?

As a guy who has written and designed many pitch decks, these are my thoughts on what next great business ideas to look for. Go and search for a new unique business idea:

  • That improves lives
  • That makes people happier
  • That makes people win
  • That’s not just a problem of a few individuals
  • That’s not just for riches but for the poor too
  • That wouldn’t harm the environment
  • That gives business sustainability in the long-run
  • That wouldn’t look like a worthless shiny gimmick
  • That’s real for real people and imaginable
  • That doesn’t look foreign or fictitious
  • That let people on board quickly, but sometimes it takes time
  • That’s not resource-heavy and produces few outcomes, but do wonders with fewer resources
  • That’s less competitive


Now you have the top three best pitch decks of famous companies as an inspiration for your next business idea pitch. What we can learn from them is while offering your solutions, believing in your unique capabilities, and offering long-term benefits that are attractive with reducing costs, time, and money. Your strengths depend on how good you are at presenting your innovative solutions and making them look real and practical.

With the above inspirations, you have a path on how you can put together your next unique best solution to ensure your success in making a positive change in people’s lives. Ask VizInspire for any pitch deck design and contents needs…

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What Slides You Would Use As a Social Media Training Template for your SMM Training Workshop

Social media isn’t going away anytime soon. As we’re not dealing with a transitory fad when 3BN+ individuals across the world use social media every month. Channels and formats may shift, but a strong online presence may make all the difference.

As a social media manager/marketer/trainer, SMM Training is essential no matter where you belong. A majority of your audience can be found on social media.

If you’re looking to offer training then here are a couple of aspects you need to focus on when presenting a workshop for the SMM Training. You need to be creative to fit everything in the slides for your presentation.

Where To Start?

The first step for is you need to do in order to get a perfect presentation for your Training Workshop is to write down your key points on a piece of paper. Not only it will help you in having a brief outlook of your training as a whole, but also help you in deciding on a social media training template that fits your style better.

A well-crafted training presentation allows you to immerse your audience in a fictional adventure. You can do a lot together.

Keeping your audience’s attention from the start of a presentation till the call-to-action might help you take your prospect in becoming your students. A solid hook will quickly pull them in and pique their interest; there are a variety of methods to engage with an audience early on, so they remain attentive to what’s next!

Slides To Be Used In Your Template

Before start, you need to convey… The endless great outcomes of becoming a part of your Social media training program. As a whole, there are a couple of things you have to cover in your social media training template. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Introduction:

A brief introduction about what exactly social media training is: This will give the audience a small insight into what is yet to come. Everything needs to start off with an introduction.

2. Agenda/Objectives:

This slide will give you a clear perspective and direction you will go by highlighting key objectives of your presentation or with an outline.

3. SWOT Analysis:

You can also include a SWOT analysis slide in your presentation; this will help give an overall view of the pros and cons of social media training. A short factual picture of you being social media trainer without flooding with too much information in your slides.

4. Graphs/Demographics/Infographics:

It is essential that you add some graphs or demographics in your slides, that show your SMM campaign’s success on social media. As it’s self-explanatory, for the audience to understand the impact of your training is waiting for them. Taking a look at graphs rather than reading numbers in a lengthy paragraph save tons of time.

5. Goals/Results of Social Media:

Show your achievements of social media engagements from hashtags, likes, followers, and connections to showcase the growth and momentum of success, as training results. Indeed, give them ways to sell from their social media campaigns…

6. Integration of Business:

SMM training slides that would help them create a strong integration of their business within social media. Give them puzzle pieces of how they can reach their audiences exists in social media, making them easier to reach in the future.

7. Branding Comparison:

A slide that compares social media branding between a person and a company-face profile would also help them understand knowing differences in social media marketing. It’s vital to know for any social media manager.

8. Training Outcomes:

This would highlight all of the outcomes that your training workshop has resulted in so far to encourage and motivate them to join your upcoming SMM Training course.

9. Results Claims:

The results or guarantee can be ensured through this slide for those skeptical of the workshop. This is your key slide that will create a magnet effect on prospects to join your course. Things you can write here:

  • Finding new clients will be easier with your social media presence
  • Build your solid customer relationship on social media.
  • Serve your client better as a social media manager

10. Social Media Tools:

Social media automation tools are in the limelight recently because every business wants to minimize interruption from social media while maximizing its potential. If your present your slides about new SMM tools then it’s a bonus for SMM trainees to know and use in their social media campaigns.

11. Question Slide:

Asking and answering questions is essential. It helps build a stronger and more comfortable relationship between others and you.

Designing Your Slides

Roll up your sleeves and prepare to turn your jumbled thoughts into a logical sequence of slides to create your social media presentation contents. Initially, arrange and mold your thoughts into a consumable and appealing shape for your audience. Then, you have a notion of what the content should be. Don’t scrimp on the inventiveness if you want people to devour your stuff.

For your social media training workshop, there are two different ways you can design your presentations:

  • The first way to design your slides is by doing everything from scratch, though it is time taking. You will often end up being confused as to what to do next, you will have an idea of how you want your slides to be, but you will not understand what you have to do to achieve that look. You’ll have to not only focus on the information that has to be added on the slides but also on the branding with the color scheme, slide design layouts, and font style of your presentation. It is best for you to get creative with your presentation to attract the audience.
  • The second option is to get a presentation template online which looks attractive enough to you and add in your own information, make some changes to it in whatever way you prefer, and get your work done as quickly as possible. This is far less time taking and less frustrating at the same. The colors and the design are all there. All you need to do is add in the information. You can also have a separate slide for your infographics or your pictures already in the template that you find online. All you need to do is alter the information a little. Easier, quicker, and better. You can also check our social media template as well.


It is essential to get as creative with your presentation slides as possible when you are the one giving the presentation of your workshop. Thus giving a little focus to the kind of slides and their layout is equally essential for you. We hope that this article helped clear out your questions about the kind of slides for you to add to your presentation.

Are you ready! to deliver an outstanding presentation with amazing presentation design templates for social media training workshops and Social Media Guidebook… let’s browse PowerPoint templates

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How Elevator Pitch Enables You To Become An Entrepreneur with Just a Presentation

You are in the middle of creating a business PowerPoint presentation and want to steal the spotlight but don’t know-how. Also, you want to transform it into an elevator pitch of your brand-new business idea that immediately catches investors’ eyeballs. I am about to share a short guide on what makes your pitch deck look outstanding and persuasive, so you can become a successful entrepreneur.

It takes a great deal of effort for a startup or small business to become operational. It’s a myth to assume that you can summarize that journey in a few words without necessary training or practice.

You might know the ingredients of the pitch, but how you execute it makes the difference between the best-to-worst pitch decks. So, to be very honest, people have so much to say about their journey. It becomes difficult for them to keep the proposal short, simple, and to the point. This leads you to a failed attempt at a catchy business PowerPoint presentation. Indeed, it is a frustrating problem but we have a solution by understanding the concept of elevator pitches.

What is an Elevator Pitch?

For our valuable readers, I have just summarized the idea behind an elevator pitch here:

Elevator pitch is about creating a 20-30 second blurb to present a business proposal, to describe a product or service.

Before you search for a slide presentation online to use within your business proposal, let’s know the sequencing of your contents into slides the right way. With the use of the elevator pitch technique in your slides, you’ll achieve your lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur. 

1. Deciding the Right Recipe From Problem to Solution

The concept of an elevator pitch enables people to put their best foot forward when it comes to presenting business proposals. With an elevator pitch, you elevate from the bottom with a problem, then move one step up toward offering your solution to convince you, that it’s really a great solution. A compelling and concise statement of the struggle you have endured over the years is the best presentation of your start-up. 

Only Put Information That Matters 

Include only relevant and necessary information in your presentation.

Simple Language 

Your language should be simple and accessible to everyone. That means the blurb or presentation you are creating in the elevator pitch, should be understandable to your viewers.

Call To Action 

Elevator pitches are given with a purpose. People giving elevator pitches want to score something that could be a client, an investor, or a job. Keeping that in mind, I recommend you end your elevator pitch with a call to action. For instance, you can ask a question, hand over your advertisement pamphlet, etc.

Concise Yet Compelling

If you look at the business slide presentation online you will realize how concise they are. That’s the key. Your elevator pitch should be concise yet compelling.


Sometimes elevator pitches are given at seminars, expo centers, etc. where the presenter has to address a large audience from different backgrounds. Keep your elevator pitch diverse to attract the attention of everyone, irrespective of their background or area of interest.

Proficient But Not Robotic

Avoid making your elevator pitch that sounds robotic. Your investor is there to see your enthusiasm and passion behind your motives, but not to see you reciting a crammed blurb.

2. What Should A Good Structure Look Like?

Now you are familiar with what an elevator pitch feels like. But what should be the right slide structure for your perfect slide presentation? The aim is to create an elevator pitch that looks as catchy and real as any great business proposal pitch. For your convenience, I have put together a simple elevator pitch structure below:

1. Defining The Frustrating Problem


2. Providing Your Life-saving Solution


3. Prove That You’re Capable, With Your Experience, Skill, And Historical Performance


4. Prove, The Solution Benefits Are Real (Not Just An Imagination) 


5. Target Market (Prove That It’s Economically Viable That People Are Going To Buy This)


6. How It Works (How Your Idea Will Work In Reality)


7- Benefits For Investors (Revenue Model + Commissions)


8. Your Team


9. Funding Ask

As a newborn startup team, you need funding to make it operational and grow. A funding request includes your first round of executions (pre-seed round, …)

3. How to Get Started On A Pitch Check Quickly?

To keep this nerve-wracking task easier, we have divided it into the following steps:

An Opportunity For People

This is the most important step. If you execute this step well, potential buyers or investors will attract to your product/service. In short, this step will decide your future as an entrepreneur.

In this slide, you have to tell your audience how your product/service can benefit them. So be careful and tell exactly what you are being asked. Again, don’t try to convince your audience by narrating a long list of wonders your product/service can do. Be specific and mention only the important benefits of your product/service.

Set Up Your Slides

Start working on your pitch deck by setting up your document. Considering the ratio, you have two options here 4:3 or 16:9. Today, people prefer a 16:9 aspect ratio so it is highly encouraged for your slide designs. Before you get confused, it is important to mention here that the 16:9 aspect ratio is also called widescreen view.

Look For Visual Styles Or Design Your Own

While selecting your visual style, keep one thing in mind. And it is making a professional-looking business PowerPoint presentation. But, your visual style shouldn’t have to be fancy or distracting, which leads to the main goal of your presentation.

Overview Of Your Product/Service

The goal is to provide an overview of your product or services. So you shouldn’t put so much detail on the slides. Just let the audience know what you are offering.


We said in the beginning that elevator pitches enable individuals to become an entrepreneur with just a presentation. We hope our further explanation answered all your questions. Still, if you want to ask anything, feel free to drop your questions down below or inquire VizInspire team

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Tips for an Effective PowerPoint Presentation in 2022

While some people might argue that PowerPoint ‘is so ancient’, let us enlighten you with how it is still the most effective tool to date. PowerPoint continues to be the best tool to communicate and present your ideas and business pitch decks. Be it for educational purposes, corporate, or anything; PowerPoint presentations are used to inform, educate, and convince the audiences. PowerPoint presentations are a great way to engage the audience and to get their undivided attention.

There are so many modern PowerPoint templates these days; one cannot simply accuse PowerPoint of getting out of date. For instance if you want to create a business presentation, all you need to do is search for the best business PowerPoint templates and use them. In order to stay up to date and be successful, it is important to stay updated on the slide trends and follow them. Every year, slide trends usually taken new turn to engage audience with visual persuasiveness.

But remember, hiding context for the sake of visual is also a sin.

M. Tayyab

So let us get onto ways in which you can make your presentations outstanding and effective.

Below are some of the ideas listed in short:

1. Know Your Stuff

Source: Unsplash

If you are not clear about your own ideas or whatever it is that you are pitching, you cannot expect the audience to have an understanding of it either. Your head should be clear and you should do your complete research in case anybody asks questions. The slides alone will not make your presentation stand out. In fact, it is the way you deliver your message. So before stuffing your slides with stats and figures- ensure that you know how to discuss them.

2. Make A Script

Source: Unsplash

Write it all out. Write the entire information that you want to include in the presentation and create a sequence. Your presentation should go in a flow, and not mix up the information.

3. Keep It Simple

Source: Flickr

Do not overdo you slides! A good rule of thumb is; less is more. Yes, never overload your slides with excessive information. I am sure you know the most well-known acronym KISS (Keep it simple stupid). The slides should only consist of information that is important. Keep the rest of it to be explained as viva voce. Make sure to keep it as simple as possible. Use more bold and large fonts. Do not keep the font uniform and use a two color design slide themes.

4. Use Infographic

Source: Unsplash

Always remember that the audience loses interest the moment you bombard them with too much information written in the slides. They did not come to read your slides. They are more interested in what you have got to say and images that go along with it. So it is important to have more images and less text. It also helps in keeping the audience focused on your narration by understanding it more through images. Hence, use more of icons, images and lines to grab the attention.

5. Use High Quality Templates

Source: Vizinspire

Templates hold great significance when creating a presentation. Do not keep your templates too basic or use the ones that are outdated. Even if you are not a designer, there are so many business plan presentation template options available online. Make sure you use an eye catching an high quality template.

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A Bad PowerPoint Presentation Is a Kill to Inspire Audience

Why Researchers Believe Your PowerPoint Won’t Help People… Here’s Why

If you are planning to win your audience and inspire them with your presentation, then chances are you might commit certain mistakes that you need to avoid. Haven’t we ever seen poor presentations?

In the ones where the PowerPoint slides were mixed up, the presenter stood confronting the screen and read each slide as it was shown and there was no reasonable message. In other words, it was just a complete waste of all the time spent. These presentations are baffling to watch.

A Responsibility to Spark With Your Idea & Message

As a presenter, we stand in a special situation of having the ability to share our insight, experience, and energy with a crowd of people eager for something that is new and easy to swallow. Perhaps, we might be persuading and motivating our team at a meeting, sharing a new idea with the senior administration, promoting and advancing our business at an event of networking, or sharing our proficiency or our supposition at a meeting or any other occasion.

With this benefit in mind; an obligation to you is to make sure that we do not fail to get the credibility, however more critically; a responsibility to guarantee that your message is fascinating to pay attention to and listen to.

No Reason for Audience to Stay With You

It is utterly difficult to win over a group of people; meaning an audience, with a terrible presentation. You may have one of the best ideas ever, yet chances are your presentation crashes and fail, at that point- your ideas might also completely fail to produce the intended effect. Even though each and every audience is different in many ways, there is a couple of general cringe-worthy presentation mistakes that are way too common and happen oftentimes. Researchers have found out that poor presentations are a kill to inspire your audience, and hence it’s impossible to win them over.

Why would you even expect the audience to care enough to sit throughout your presentation? You are not giving them any reason or a motive to keep up with your idea & message.

Not Utilizing the Make or Break Moment

An initial couple of minutes of a presentation is the most significant since your crowd will be choosing whether your presentation is worthy of focusing on or not.

Bad Example #1 – Presentation Learn  Clifford Stoll

One of the examples of a badly failed PowerPoint presentation is the Call to Learn by Clifford Stoll. It was one of the most unsuccessful presentations ever. The way he talked about his professional life was too frantic and distracting. For the audience, it was hard to follow and concentrate. Instead of persuading the audience over a single goal, he engaged with props scattered around the stage. He even performed a live science experiment. He could have instead used slides to give a better idea to his audience.

 Without having a clear sense of direction and a clear structure, all his energy was just a waste. Stroll talked more about himself rather than the content of the presentation which is the worst one could do. There was a lack of focus and a lot of self-indulgent talk about his thoughts and ideas, without passing on anything useful. It is the oddest presentation that left the audience completely baffled.

Here are a few mistakes that one is highly likely to make, while giving presentations:

1. Controversial Material and Bad Jokes

Source: Flickr

Humor in presentations is an astounding tool to loosen your audience and improve your presentation. But remember that, terrible jokes will always be terrible jokes. Also, if you are giggling at your own bad jokes, it is even more awkward to watch. Know your audience and always avoid jokes about governmental issues or religion or anything misogynist or bigot. You do not need to be a comedian to win over your audience by making them laugh. All you need is a good sense of humor that cheers up the audience.

2. Too Much Information

Source: Flickr

Too much information in your presentation can leave your crowd completely confounded about your genuine message. Obviously, when you are enthusiastic about a subject and have lots of information about it, you will be expecting to give your audience an incredible worth message as much as you can in the allotted time.

However, you are bound to talk too rapidly making it much increasingly hard for the crowd to process and review anything you have said. Hence your presentation will not have any impact.

3. Poor Slide Design

Source: Flickr

As much as the message in the presentation is important, so is the design of the presentation. You might be taking it very lightly by assuming that it is just lines, fonts, and backgrounds. But no, it is more than just that. It is the best and most successful tool to get your message across and captivate your audience. Not only does it gives you an edge over your competitors, but also creates a long-lasting impression on your audience, and perhaps potential customers. On the other hand, a presentation with poor slide design will appear to be boring to the audience. Since there will be no visual aids, they will quickly lose interest.

4. Unstructured Content

Source: Flickr

Jumping from one idea then onto the next with no reasonable direction or context is way too frustrating and disappointing for an audience. It also makes it really hard to follow your presentation and the ideas being presented. Additionally, what is even more disappointing is the point at which you backtrack and repeatedly rehash the points that have just been already covered. Lack of structure and disorganized content makes the audience lose attention quickly and let them walk away from the hall without listening to all your presentation.


Finally, just make sure to not make these typical mistakes and we will guarantee that your audience will love your ideas and get truly impressed by your presentation.

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