How Elevator Pitch Enables You To Become An Entrepreneur with Just a Presentation

You are in the middle of creating a business PowerPoint presentation and want to steal the spotlight but don’t know-how. Also, you want to transform it into an elevator pitch of your brand-new business idea that immediately catches investors’ eyeballs. I am about to share a short guide on what makes your pitch deck look outstanding and persuasive, so you can become a successful entrepreneur.

It takes a great deal of effort for a startup or small business to become operational. It’s a myth to assume that you can summarize that journey in a few words without necessary training or practice.

You might know the ingredients of the pitch, but how you execute it makes the difference between the best-to-worst pitch decks. So, to be very honest, people have so much to say about their journey. It becomes difficult for them to keep the proposal short, simple, and to the point. This leads you to a failed attempt at a catchy business PowerPoint presentation. Indeed, it is a frustrating problem but we have a solution by understanding the concept of elevator pitches.

What is an Elevator Pitch?

For our valuable readers, I have just summarized the idea behind an elevator pitch here:

Elevator pitch is about creating a 20-30 second blurb to present a business proposal, to describe a product or service.

Before you search for a slide presentation online to use within your business proposal, let’s know the sequencing of your contents into slides the right way. With the use of the elevator pitch technique in your slides, you’ll achieve your lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur. 

1. Deciding the Right Recipe From Problem to Solution

The concept of an elevator pitch enables people to put their best foot forward when it comes to presenting business proposals. With an elevator pitch, you elevate from the bottom with a problem, then move one step up toward offering your solution to convince you, that it’s really a great solution. A compelling and concise statement of the struggle you have endured over the years is the best presentation of your start-up. 

Only Put Information That Matters 

Include only relevant and necessary information in your presentation.

Simple Language 

Your language should be simple and accessible to everyone. That means the blurb or presentation you are creating in the elevator pitch, should be understandable to your viewers.

Call To Action 

Elevator pitches are given with a purpose. People giving elevator pitches want to score something that could be a client, an investor, or a job. Keeping that in mind, I recommend you end your elevator pitch with a call to action. For instance, you can ask a question, hand over your advertisement pamphlet, etc.

Concise Yet Compelling

If you look at the business slide presentation online you will realize how concise they are. That’s the key. Your elevator pitch should be concise yet compelling.


Sometimes elevator pitches are given at seminars, expo centers, etc. where the presenter has to address a large audience from different backgrounds. Keep your elevator pitch diverse to attract the attention of everyone, irrespective of their background or area of interest.

Proficient But Not Robotic

Avoid making your elevator pitch that sounds robotic. Your investor is there to see your enthusiasm and passion behind your motives, but not to see you reciting a crammed blurb.

2. What Should A Good Structure Look Like?

Now you are familiar with what an elevator pitch feels like. But what should be the right slide structure for your perfect slide presentation? The aim is to create an elevator pitch that looks as catchy and real as any great business proposal pitch. For your convenience, I have put together a simple elevator pitch structure below:

1. Defining The Frustrating Problem


2. Providing Your Life-saving Solution


3. Prove That You’re Capable, With Your Experience, Skill, And Historical Performance


4. Prove, The Solution Benefits Are Real (Not Just An Imagination) 


5. Target Market (Prove That It’s Economically Viable That People Are Going To Buy This)


6. How It Works (How Your Idea Will Work In Reality)


7- Benefits For Investors (Revenue Model + Commissions)


8. Your Team


9. Funding Ask

As a newborn startup team, you need funding to make it operational and grow. A funding request includes your first round of executions (pre-seed round, …)

3. How to Get Started On A Pitch Check Quickly?

To keep this nerve-wracking task easier, we have divided it into the following steps:

An Opportunity For People

This is the most important step. If you execute this step well, potential buyers or investors will attract to your product/service. In short, this step will decide your future as an entrepreneur.

In this slide, you have to tell your audience how your product/service can benefit them. So be careful and tell exactly what you are being asked. Again, don’t try to convince your audience by narrating a long list of wonders your product/service can do. Be specific and mention only the important benefits of your product/service.

Set Up Your Slides

Start working on your pitch deck by setting up your document. Considering the ratio, you have two options here 4:3 or 16:9. Today, people prefer a 16:9 aspect ratio so it is highly encouraged for your slide designs. Before you get confused, it is important to mention here that the 16:9 aspect ratio is also called widescreen view.

Look For Visual Styles Or Design Your Own

While selecting your visual style, keep one thing in mind. And it is making a professional-looking business PowerPoint presentation. But, your visual style shouldn’t have to be fancy or distracting, which leads to the main goal of your presentation.

Overview Of Your Product/Service

The goal is to provide an overview of your product or services. So you shouldn’t put so much detail on the slides. Just let the audience know what you are offering.


We said in the beginning that elevator pitches enable individuals to become an entrepreneur with just a presentation. We hope our further explanation answered all your questions. Still, if you want to ask anything, feel free to drop your questions down below or inquire VizInspire team