What Slides You Would Use As a Social Media Training Template for your SMM Training Workshop

Social media isn’t going away anytime soon. As we’re not dealing with a transitory fad when 3BN+ individuals across the world use social media every month. Channels and formats may shift, but a strong online presence may make all the difference.

As a social media manager/marketer/trainer, SMM Training is essential no matter where you belong. A majority of your audience can be found on social media.

If you’re looking to offer training then here are a couple of aspects you need to focus on when presenting a workshop for the SMM Training. You need to be creative to fit everything in the slides for your presentation.

Where To Start?

The first step for is you need to do in order to get a perfect presentation for your Training Workshop is to write down your key points on a piece of paper. Not only it will help you in having a brief outlook of your training as a whole, but also help you in deciding on a social media training template that fits your style better.

A well-crafted training presentation allows you to immerse your audience in a fictional adventure. You can do a lot together.

Keeping your audience’s attention from the start of a presentation till the call-to-action might help you take your prospect in becoming your students. A solid hook will quickly pull them in and pique their interest; there are a variety of methods to engage with an audience early on, so they remain attentive to what’s next!

Slides To Be Used In Your Template

Before start, you need to convey… The endless great outcomes of becoming a part of your Social media training program. As a whole, there are a couple of things you have to cover in your social media training template. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Introduction:

A brief introduction about what exactly social media training is: This will give the audience a small insight into what is yet to come. Everything needs to start off with an introduction.

2. Agenda/Objectives:

This slide will give you a clear perspective and direction you will go by highlighting key objectives of your presentation or with an outline.

3. SWOT Analysis:

You can also include a SWOT analysis slide in your presentation; this will help give an overall view of the pros and cons of social media training. A short factual picture of you being social media trainer without flooding with too much information in your slides.

4. Graphs/Demographics/Infographics:

It is essential that you add some graphs or demographics in your slides, that show your SMM campaign’s success on social media. As it’s self-explanatory, for the audience to understand the impact of your training is waiting for them. Taking a look at graphs rather than reading numbers in a lengthy paragraph save tons of time.

5. Goals/Results of Social Media:

Show your achievements of social media engagements from hashtags, likes, followers, and connections to showcase the growth and momentum of success, as training results. Indeed, give them ways to sell from their social media campaigns…

6. Integration of Business:

SMM training slides that would help them create a strong integration of their business within social media. Give them puzzle pieces of how they can reach their audiences exists in social media, making them easier to reach in the future.

7. Branding Comparison:

A slide that compares social media branding between a person and a company-face profile would also help them understand knowing differences in social media marketing. It’s vital to know for any social media manager.

8. Training Outcomes:

This would highlight all of the outcomes that your training workshop has resulted in so far to encourage and motivate them to join your upcoming SMM Training course.

9. Results Claims:

The results or guarantee can be ensured through this slide for those skeptical of the workshop. This is your key slide that will create a magnet effect on prospects to join your course. Things you can write here:

  • Finding new clients will be easier with your social media presence
  • Build your solid customer relationship on social media.
  • Serve your client better as a social media manager

10. Social Media Tools:

Social media automation tools are in the limelight recently because every business wants to minimize interruption from social media while maximizing its potential. If your present your slides about new SMM tools then it’s a bonus for SMM trainees to know and use in their social media campaigns.

11. Question Slide:

Asking and answering questions is essential. It helps build a stronger and more comfortable relationship between others and you.

Designing Your Slides

Roll up your sleeves and prepare to turn your jumbled thoughts into a logical sequence of slides to create your social media presentation contents. Initially, arrange and mold your thoughts into a consumable and appealing shape for your audience. Then, you have a notion of what the content should be. Don’t scrimp on the inventiveness if you want people to devour your stuff.

For your social media training workshop, there are two different ways you can design your presentations:

  • The first way to design your slides is by doing everything from scratch, though it is time taking. You will often end up being confused as to what to do next, you will have an idea of how you want your slides to be, but you will not understand what you have to do to achieve that look. You’ll have to not only focus on the information that has to be added on the slides but also on the branding with the color scheme, slide design layouts, and font style of your presentation. It is best for you to get creative with your presentation to attract the audience.
  • The second option is to get a presentation template online which looks attractive enough to you and add in your own information, make some changes to it in whatever way you prefer, and get your work done as quickly as possible. This is far less time taking and less frustrating at the same. The colors and the design are all there. All you need to do is add in the information. You can also have a separate slide for your infographics or your pictures already in the template that you find online. All you need to do is alter the information a little. Easier, quicker, and better. You can also check our social media template as well.


It is essential to get as creative with your presentation slides as possible when you are the one giving the presentation of your workshop. Thus giving a little focus to the kind of slides and their layout is equally essential for you. We hope that this article helped clear out your questions about the kind of slides for you to add to your presentation.

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