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BrainSeed in just presenntation for brainstorming people arrange all their new ideas in a nice and simple presentations

BrainSeed is another variation of FocusWave PowerPoint Template to organize your idea in presentations. It helps you to enlist all your ideas with required initiative, mind maps, and relevant trends in a presentation.

You can create one presentation for one set of closely related ideas. This will help you get feedback from teammates or colleagues of your brainstormed idea.

Bonus Features (Coming soon):

There is a Goals’ dashboard slide in this template. It has a VBA programmed PowerPoint slide to pull all your goals list. Import them from an Excel file and put them in the Ideas dashboard slide.

You can save all your goals’ progress individually in target locations. So, this slide will open target locations with one click to manage your goals individually.

Just click on a goal to keep your eyes on your main goals. It enables you to visually see all your key goals at one slide with ease whenever you want.

Get the BrainSeed template now, you’ll be entitled to have this feature as soon as it arrives and organize your raw business ideas into presentations.


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